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Fashion Doll Agency Dolls

Fashion Doll Agency dolls are unique 15.5" fashion dolls made by Fashion Doll Agency in Paris in very limited editions. The line started with their resin ball jointed dolls, Marcella, Manon, Pola, Kaori and Petra and has progressed to a high quality "vinyl" doll that is much less expensive. The dolls are extremely poseable with over 23 points of articulation. They are made in a heavy, solid vinyl, much different from any other vinyl fashion dolls out there. Currently there are four dolls available in this series. The first was FDA Kaori, exclusive to the Haute Doll magazine in an edition of 150. Manon, Petra, Pola and Marcella are now available as well as a few exclusive outfits. There is a Petra in an edition of 50 available exclusively from the Angelic Dreamz Doll shop and also from the FDA Paris site in a different outfit.

All three of my Fashion Doll Agency dolls, Petra, Kaori and my custom painted Kaori that I call Marvella

As Kaori arrives in her original outfit, blue jeans, halter top and mesh sweater.

She is the most poseable vinyl fashion doll yet!

Petra and Kaori in their original outfits

Custom knit dress made by me. I've enhanced her face paint by adding silver eye shadow and darkening her lips.

I purchased another Kaori, cut her hair so I could wig her and repainted her face to resemble Marcella with heavier eye makeup. She now wears a Joe Tai wig in size 5/6 and a custom bodysuit made by me.

Kaori wears a custom outfit made by me with Joe Tai sequin Tyler boots.

Petra in an outfit made by me with a multifabric bubble skirt and sheer knit bodysuit. She wears Gene shoes.


Fashion Doll Agency of Paris

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