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Azone Fashion Dolls

I love the quality of the 1/6 scale dolls made by Azone. They have fully jointed hard plastic bodies and wear outfits crafted beautifully with tiny zippers, snap fasteners and all are nicely finished. Azone makes fantastic shoes for their dolls. Little shoes made just like real shoes! Azone also makes wonderful separate outfits for the dolls. Clik here to see some of the Azone separates you can buy to dress your 11" fashion dolls

Azone doll clothes

My favorite Azone dolls are Sahra, Minako and Belinda. They all have different face molds and styles. Sahra has a more youthful innocent look, Minako a bit more worldly and Belinda is quite a sexy wench! I've also added Maya and Lycee to my collection now as well! The dolls retail for under $100 from japan.

A doll modeled after a Japanese lady wrestler, Michiko Oomukai. She is limited to 500 dolls and was released in September 2005. This doll uses the Obitsu soft bust regular body and also comes with black gloves and leather boot protectors.

This is a lovely new face for Azone.

The last in the Chinese Fantasy series, Lycee arrived in April 2004. She is dressed all in blue with blue hair and was an edition of only 500 dolls. This photo shows all three dolls together. Their weapons are metal, not plastic and their outfits are beautifully detailed.

Sahra Chinese Fantasy is first in a new series of three dolls. She was issued in February 2004 in an edition of 500 dolls.

The outfit is just beautiful on this doll. It is a brocade with an over jacket with a zipper in the back and a cute dress underneath. The pink boots are fabulous as usual from Azone. Her sword is metal.

The second doll in the Chinese Fantasy series, Maya. She was released in March 2004 in an edition of only 400 dolls. Her outfit is again, fabulous in quality! There are tiny gold metal details on the corners of the tunic as well as on the small capelet. There are separate white pants and tiny pink embroidered slippers with real rubber soles. She carries metal chinese weapons!

A new Sahra doll for the summer 2004, Blue Curacao. She is dressed for the beach and comes with an additional outfit.

Sweet Lolita Sahra. She was issued in December 2002 and limited to 500 dolls in Japan. She is part of the Fairies of darkness series from Azone. She wears a white winter dress trimmed in white fur and lavender ruffles. She has lavender hair streaked with white and blue eyes.

Azone's Belinda the Tangerina Cat a limited edition of 800 dolls released in September 2002.

Close up of beautiful Belinda's face.

Loco Island Minako,limited to 800 dolls from 2002.

Azone's Sahra Omoiataru Special in the nuns outfit from 2001 and on the right Sahra Black Sorceress from 2002.


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