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Other Japanese fashion dolls

Annz makes a wonderful, top quality doll with exquisite kimonos. These dolls are fully jointed with bodies similar to Momoko. Jun Planning makes a fashion doll line called J Doll. Marmit of Japan makes some very cute and sexy, fully jointed 11" dolls. And Sekaguchi makes an adorable 11" doll called Rune. Here are just a few of my favorites.

There are also some smaller size fully jointed hard plastic dolls. Ruria is one of the Classmate dolls in the 22cm size made by Jun Planning.

The Annz doll called Black Cat released in late 2005. She has a gorgeous kimono with a separate white apron and also a blue overcoat. Under her kimono is a long red undergarment.

The Joseph Splatz J Doll by Jun Planning. These dolls are 11" tall, fully jointed and are dressed in a wide variety of very fashionable outfits.

The Marmit cute little "elf" doll dressed as a sexy little maid. She comes dressed in this outfit with those huge ears.

Another sexy Marmit cutie, a Bunny doll with green hair.

Marmit makes a series of Cyborg body dolls with clear bodies in various colors. This one is the clear version. The faces come unpainted, so I painted this one. Heads, hands and feet are silver and they come with extra hands and weapons. This doll was also produced in blue and red.

Ruria comes dressed as a fairy.

Rune as she arrives in her white coat, boots and red dress carrying her tiny black cat!

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