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Momoko and Mame Momoko

Momoko is a 11" fashion doll created by PetWorks of Japan. In spring 2005 the new Momoko dolls are being sold by Sekeguchi company. The bodies have changed from the original bodies, which were similar to the jointed Takara bodies. Now the dolls are jointed under the breast, have larger hands, but have the same face mold. Mame Momoko is a tiny 4" doll with a chubby body, large head and otherworldly eyes.

Momoko as Kana a set of two dolls released in May 2006. This set comes with the lovely blonde Momoko and her tiny Mame Momoko counterpart in matching outfits.

Momoko Goodnight Cherry as she arrives.I have since cut her hair off and made her a doll that can wear size 4/5 wigs.

Momoko in a white Volks Dollfie Plus wig.

Cherry in a pink mohair wig, models a custom wedding gown made by me from a Momoko pattern in Dolly Dolly magazine.

Momoko Wild Sexy Tune released in early 2006.

Peach Lady, Goodnight Cherry, Get Ready Summer, Momoko as Kana and Wild Sexy Tune

One of the new Momokos from spring 2005, Get Ready Summer Momoko wearing the Pure Violet Momoko outfit. I enhanced her lips to bright red and added some body tatoos.

Momoko relaxes with a drink.

Another custom outfit for Momoko.

Peach Lady Momoko in a custom outfit and a cute Little Boots deer!

Peach lady and White Candy make a cute pair. Momoko is wearing a custom white gothic lolita style outfit made by me.

White Candy Mame Momoko released in May 2006.

My four tiny Mame Momoko dolls.

Tiny Mame Momoko in a custom kimono.

Here is the Peach lady Momoko, one of the originals made by Petworks, as she arrives in her black lingerie with her pillow. She also has little black slippers.

Here is Momoko wearing a custom printed "peach logo" skirt, Azone top with some cute Devil cat tiny figures.

Knit outfit made from pattern in Dolly Dolly magazine.

Momoko wears a Volks nurse outfit and Azone pink sneakers.

A custom jacket and slacks set from a Japanese Azone doll pattern. The peach print fabric was printed on an ink jet printer from a scan of Momoko's signature peach print.

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