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Pullip Dolls

Pullip dolls hit the scene in Japan in 2003 and are getting more popular every day. The dolls have fully jointed hard plastic bodies and are 11" tall. They have oversized heads with eyes that can change position with a switch on the back of their heads. There are also mini Pullips about 4" tall with acrylic eyes. Here is my collection of Pullips.

Pullip New York is a Haute Doll magazine exclusive released in February 2008. This is a mini giftset as she comes with a complete punk style outfit as well as a dress, high heels, little dog, sushi take-out food and more. This is a really cute set

Pullip Nahhto is dressed from the Arabian Nights. She comes with her comfy lounge pillow and magic lamp

On the right is the gorgeous Cornice, released in January 2006. She is a perfect companion to Pullip Noir, shown on the left. Cornice has flaming red hair and is dressed in gothic black. Even has a tiny black leather bunny.

Cornice gets her hair restyled and is redressed in custom street punk clothes.

Cornice wears a custom ballet tutu from a pattern in the Pullip Doll magazine.

Mini Pullip Fanatica was released in December 2005. She is a wonderful tiny version of the full size Pullip Fanatica doll.

Pullip Mitzi redressed in the Pullip Devil Costume released in October 2005. Accessories include the pitchfork and wings. Shoes are also by Jun Planning for Pullip. Shown with her is the mini Pullip Dido released in June 2005.

Pullips Mercury and Jupiter released in April 2005. These have the most detailed costumes to date!

Pullip Sacralita released in December 2004. She is an adorable little nun and arrives with a statue of the Virgin Mary and a Pullip Bible! Her outfit is fully lined in white satin and she wears white tights and little black flat shoes. Her hair is long and curled on the ends in an "ash blonde" color.

Sacralita redressed in custom made outfit from a Barbie pattern. She has gorgeous hair under than nun's habit! She is wearing lace up boots from Paradise Dolls.

Pullip Mitzi exclusive to Magma Heritage Shop and limited to 600 dolls, Mitzi comes wearing a leopard fur outfit and her matching stuffed kitty!

Mitzi poses wearing Azone lingerie. She's quite a glamourous Pullip doll!

Mitzi and Pullip Moon wear Barbie Fashion Fever outfits.

Pullip Squall was issued in September 2003. She has wonderful long thick black hair, brown eyes with tiny stars and turquoise shadow.

Squall dressed in Azone black rider suit. She makes a great "goth gal".

The newest male Pullip Serpent in his unique gothic style. He carries a bouquet of black roses for his lady friend, Noir Pullip.

A pic of Serpent nude to show his jointed male body. Excellent sculpt and very white skintone.

Pullip Anne Shirley arrived in June 2004 with her cute red braids, cordoroy jumper and leather carry bag. Gorgeous aqua blue eyes and freckles make her one of the most adorable Pullip dolls!

Jun Planning changed the Pullip bodies after the first years dolls, so here is a picture comparing the three different bodies, with the original, old body on pink hair Pullip Moon on the left, and 2nd version body with a soft squishy vinyl torso in the center and the newest body, the 3rd version on Cornice on the right. There are no seams in the legs and arms and fewer screws holding the hard plastic body together. The newest body no longer has the squishy soft torso, but is similar to the first body style, but the vinyl is much better quality and not as shiny and the joints are very tight and more poseable.

Pullip Anne with her hair down riding a great 1/6 scale motorcycle.

This is one of the very first 3 Pullip dolls, Pullip "Moon" doll by Jun Planning. She arrives wearing a black velvet fur trimmed cat outfit with a hood with little ears. She also comes with her stuffed beanbag black cat!

The Pullip Street doll modeling the optional "boots" for Pullip.

Street Pullip wears a custom made kimono in shades of blue to match her hair!

Pullip has a lever on the back of her head that moves her eyes from side to side or straight. She also has two buttons to push to make each eye wink or close. Note the blue stain on her left hand is from her costume. . .she is shipped with tiny white gloves and socks to protect from staining, but one glove was not on this hand, so she arrived stained

Pullip Ann relaxes while wearing a Jenny outfit.

Moon dressed in the Lolita outfit from the September Calendar Girl Flora doll.

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