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Custom Dollfie Plus dolls

I love the Volks Dollfie Plus bodies and heads. The bodies are nicely shaped and the heads are hard plastic with eye holes drilled out to use 8mm glass eyes. The heads use Barbie-size wigs or wigs sold by Volks for these heads.

Volks has issued a new body called EB Beauty "S", "B" and "A" which also has a hard plastic head and uses 8mm glass eyes like the Dollfie Plus dolls. The bodies with heads are inexpensive at around $15, so they are fun to customize and sew for. Here are some photos of the Dollfie Plus dolls I have customized so far.

The very first issue of the Dollfie Plus dolls by Volks in 2002. The very first Dollfie Plus was a resin "figure" with a customizable head. The figure needed to be painted like Volks resin kits and the head was the first Dollfie Plus plastic head. This "kit" came with a wig, eyes and eye putty to hold in the eyes. The kits were $110 and came in the styles of the Lost Angels Volks characters. My kit was Zarla with the white wig.

In 2003 at a special summer event, Volks issued the Dollfie Plus heads on the Elegant wire poseable bodies in the style of their larger Super Dollfie dolls. These dolls were limited to 300 in each face sculpt. My doll is the Megu SD face style. These were a "tan" body/head doll and came with the custom bathing suit, wig and eyes as a completed doll.

Dollfie Plus doll with new Volks "Chapel rose" 8mm eyes.

Dollfie Plus head painted "tan" to match a Takara "tan" body.

The two newest Dollfie Plus optional heads. Head number 3 on the left and head number 4 on the right. Much cuter than the first two head styles! The bodies shown are a tan NewEB "J" on the left and normal skintone NewEB "E" on the right.

Pulsar and Electra, my alien twins! They both use Volks Beauty "S" bodies with Dollfie Plus #2 heads and wear beehive wigs by Charles Josef in pink and blue. The eyes are aqua and pink candy eyes from MacCreative in Japan.

I painted a regular Dollfie Plus head and body with dark brown spray paint. Here is my custom "black" doll. The paint tends to chip at the joints, even with a sealer.

Dollfie Plus in another custom warrior outfit by me.

Dollfie Plus white body with light grey Volks eyes and Volks white curly wig. Outfit custom made by me.

A Dollfie Plus tan doll with orange eyes from MacCreative in Japan. Custom dress by me.

Three Dollfie Plus dolls, from the left in white Volks waffle wig with dark green eyes. In center a custom painted black Dollfie Plus body with Glastic gold 8mm eyes. On the right Glastic yellow 8mm eyes and an orange Volks wig.

A custom gothic style dress in black vinyl

Dollfie Plus dolls I call Momo and Sae. They are based on an anime comic I found, called Peach Girl. These dolls are wearing Monique mini wigs.

Here is a dollfie plus wearing an orange curl Volks wig with custom yellow 8mm eyes by Glastic for MacCreative Co. in Japan. She wears a custom fairy outfit made by me.

Here is the new Dollfie Plus Version 2 head mold with red Glastic 8mm eyes, wearing a custom vampire hunter outfit.

The new Version 2 Dollfie Plus dressed as a leprechan for St. Pat's Day

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