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Petite Blythe Dolls

I love the little petite Blythe dolls. I started collecting them with the new version that has the "sleep eyes". They are 4" tall, have bendable arms and legs and tiny painted on underwear under their outfits. Here are some pictures of the petite Blythe's in my collection:

Cute little Meowmin arrived in April 2007. She is dressed as a white cat with wonderful turquoise light blue hair. Her pink dress comes off and she has a full white fur bodysuit under it, so she has two complete outfits...the cat outfit and the pink dress.

The first Petite Blythe set of two dolls, Royal Pierrot & Victorian Monarch , released in March 2006 to commemorate the 101 and 102 Petite Blythe dolls released! This set of two is limited to 3000 sets.

Petite Blythe Rendevous with Chou Chou released in January 2006 and limited to 3000 dolls.

The Petite Little Lodges are small plastic display cases that hold one or two dolls and some tiny accessories. They can hang on the wall or be screwed together to form a larger display. There is a clear cover to keep out dust. You can also make cardboard custom fittings like this kitchen cabinet display to go inside.

Petite Blythe Marmalade Heart with lovely blue hair reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Here she is with a large Blythe wearing a custom Alice style outfit made by me from a pattern in Dolly Dolly magazine.

Tokyo Toddler Petite Blythe was released in September 2005. She is a real cutie in her Lolita style red ruffled dress and big bonnet. Here she tries cooking on the Re-Ment red cooksan stove!

Released in August 2005 is the limited edition Roxy BabyPetite Blythe. She is limited to 3000 dolls in Japan. Very cute gift boxed set with doll, boogie board, earrings, hat, skirt, two t-shirts and green dress.

Another cute Petite was released in April 2005, Forest Clover. She comes with two separate outfits, one a green clover elf type outfit and another with flower petal cape and mushroom hat.

Forest Clover in her green outfit and the Sewing My Way Petite models the other outfit with pink dress, flower petal cape, mushroom hat and yellow boots.

Petite Blythe Cassandra Black arrived in April 2005. She is a cute goth girl with a black bunny back-pack!

Petite Blythe Groovy Groove was released in late February 2005. She is just adorable in her denim overalls with cute mushroom insignia on the cuff. She comes with the pink stuffed cute creature, too!

These little dolls keep getting cuter! Here is the newest Petite, Piyo Piyo Messenger released in December 2004. She has short light pink hair under her "duck hood", little yellow painted on underwear under her yellow duck costume and little painted on yellow shoes under her pink booties. Her red bag says "Bird Mail"! There is also a new style stand included with this doll, a stand with a rod and holder for around the dolls neck, rather than the old foot stands.

Cute little Fluffy Cuddly bedtime is dressed as a lamb and was released in March 2005.

Cutie March Blythe is modeling the limited edition outfit for Petite Blythes called Purely Pink. This outfit is limited to 3000 pieces and was inserted in a special edition of the DollyBird Japanese doll magazine in November 2004! Only 3000 special issues had this outfit inside.

The cute purple hair Petite, Spirit and Spice arrived in November 2004. She is very punk with silver chain earring and neck chain and arm tatoo. Here she is with Petite Midnight Hour.

Cutie March Petite Blythe arrived in late October 2004. She truly is a cutie in her marching band outfit with drum.

What a Surprise! Cutie March has cute painted on underwear under her outfit in red/white!

Orange Munchkin was issued in late September 2004 for Halloween. This adorable giftset comes with Petite Blythe with bright long orange hair and 3 different Halloween costumes! An orange dress and headband, a long black witch's cape and hat and a maids outfit with apron and glasses. Here are 3 Blythes modeling all the outfits.

The Petite version of Madamoiselle Rosebud Blythe is really cute. She has a dress trimmed in pink beads with matching shawl and fur jacket, lace trimmed cap and bead trimmed purse. She has cute painted on lavender underwear!

Her dress under the fur jacket.

The limited edition Over The Stripes Petite Blythe! These were limited to only 3000 sets and sold only in a few stores in Japan. The set is fantastic and comes in a gift box and includes the doll with extra outfit and 9 separate tiny OTS Tee Shirts, dog and stand. Absolutely adorable and fun to mix and match. Here is OTS Blythe trying to decide what to wear!

In her sweatshirt, hat, skirt and t-shirt ready for a walk with her doggie.

Here she is with a friend Bear Hug Blythe. Bear Hug wears one of the 9 extra t-shirts with the included cargo pants!

Here she is in her giftbox that opens to show the t-shirts on one side and the doll as she is packaged on the right. Almost too nice to open!

Caribbean Jewel was released in August 2004. She is a tan cutie with cropped honey hair wearing a cute knitted cap with long yarn extensions attached in her south seas sarong and painted on sandels.

Petite blythe Plum Blossom released in March 2004.

Romantic Western also was released in March of 2004. Here she is in her American Girl "mini" horse stable with her "horsie".

Another room adds to the Petite Blythe townhouse! This is the American Girl Petite Boutique room with Groovy furniture. Another new Petite (released in April 2004) is featured here, Kitchen Queen She wears her blonde hair in a bun with a green checked dress and apron and comes with her own tiny teaset! Here she serves the group refreshements to celebrate the new furniture.

A group of the newest Petite Blythe dolls. The three new ones released in February 2004, are the blue hair mermaid,Poseiden's Treasure green hair Black Cat and Orange hair Bear Hug. All are relaxing in the American Girl "mini room" loft scene.

Another group picture of tiny Blythes on the rooftop patio.

Another new cutie, Velvet Minuet Petite Blythe. She wears a cute dress with a bunny ear hood.She was a limited edition tiny version of the large Blythe Velvet Minuet and sold out quickly. Released in January 2004.

The limited edition petite Blythe Snow Fairy from CWC Shop in Japan. Limited to 3500 sets, she comes in a cute giftbox and has an extra outfit included.She was released in January 2004.

Here is Snow Fairy out of her box showing off her long platinum hair. Her fairy dress has little wings in the back and she wears a beaded headdress.

Here is Snow Fairy with little Midnight Hour Blythe, another platinum beauty!

Fairy Girl wears her extra outfit, a t-shirt that says Fairy Girl, and pleated skirt. She also has little lace bloomers and tiny stretch sockboots.

Fairy Girl in her included down jacket.

My first petite Blythe doll was Cinnamon Girl. She has tan skintone and gorgeous thick hair.

A cute little yellow hair Blythe comes with the Sewing My Way set. This set comes with tiny pieces of fabric to make 3 outfits, ribbons, bows, a tiny dress form and pin cushion and tiny pattern to sew dresses for petite Blythe.

This is petite Blythe Midnight Hour. A small version of the larger size Blythe's outfit. She comes in a cute cardboard "pop-up" display with a little room scene, a tiny purple fabric bunny and some cute stickers.


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