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Volks 1/6 scale Dolls

This page is devoted to my collection of Volks dressed dolls In 2003 Volks issued a new fashion doll series. It consists of two dolls, Kana and Mami and various outfits for the dolls to wear. clik here for my Kana and Mami Volks That Girl page

Volks That Girl dolls Mami and Kana!

This is Volks limited edition Dollfie Plus doll, Megu issued in an edition of 300 at a Dolls Party in 2002. She comes in a Volks camo print bathing suit and has the Volks wire jointed Elegant body in tan color.

Limited Edition Gjinalu Dark Angels from 2002.

Limited edition Arakune Dark Angels doll from 2001.

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