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New Cissette from Madam Alexander

A 10" Cissette doll with a new articulated body was released in July 2004 by Madam Alexander. She comes as a giftset limited to 750 pieces in a beautiful full size leatherette hatbox with four outfits, three pairs of shoes, two hats, purse, sunglasses, pantyhose and padded hangers for each outfit! A lovely set. The doll has a new body for Cissette that is taller, slimmer and jointed at the knees with a twist waist. She is wigged and has sleep eyes like the vintage 1950's Cissettes. This body will also be used on the upcoming 10" Coquette "mini Cissy" doll to be released in October 2004.

Cissette in her silk cocktail dress with hat with her hatbox.

In her pink suit.

In her turquoise silk halter and slacks with matching high heels and hat

In her polka dot bikini.

Cissette in a Tonner Tiny Kitty gold cocktail dress from the Tiny Kitty Christmas giftset. She can wear Tiny Kitty outfits beautifully and the shoes fit too!

In another Tiny Kitty red velvet gown.

Comparing the "new" Cissette body on the left to the regular Cissette

The Cissette representing the Hollywood Psycho movie. She was released in xxxxx and comes with the bathtub and shower curtain.

Cissette as Grace O'Malley the pirate queen. She now has jointed elbows as well.

An early Cissette from xxxxx in a Harley Davidson outfit.

A Cissette from 2008, xxxxx, limited toxxxx. I liked her silver flight suit and lovely long red hair

Pom Pom Sweetie Cissette from 2008, limited to xxxx. Love the white platinum hair and 1950's look of this doll.

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