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Coco, the 17" fashion Doll!

Below are some pictures of the new 16" fashion doll, Coco, . She is Cissy's cousin and a real little beauty. She is vinyl and does not have jointed knees like Cissy, but has a wardrobe of fun hairpieces to change her looks and there are three outfits currently available for her wardrobe.

Here is my newest outfit for Coco - the Madam Alexander Riviera Day outfit. This outfit was released, along with the Riviera Doll in 1999. This doll was really Coco with a name change. I like the blue print with Coco's wonderful blue eyes. The outfit comes with all the accessories shown and the beach towel is large enough for Coco to sunbathe on!

Here is the Coco doll as she arrives dressed in her pink, fur trimmed travel suit. She comes with a matching fur hat, gloves, hatbox, passport and of course, Cleo, her fluffy dog, who wears a matching coat.

Here she is again with a whole new look! Coco comes with various hair pieces to change with her mood. This picture shows her wearing her curls and curly bangs. She wears her pink cocktail dress with matching slip, evening coat, scarf and gold accessories. This outfit also comes with beautiful jewelry for her hair and gold strappy shoes.

Here she is again in her resort outfit with capri pants, her original halter top, cardigan and hat. This outfit comes with a matching purse and slip-on flower trimmed sandels, as well as a little camera and colorful postcards of all the places she has visited. Cleo wears a matching sunhat. This photo shoes her hair done with the long wispy bangs hairpiece.

Here's our girl again, looking much like a movie star with her long braided hairpiece and big sunglasses.

Here is Coco and her cousin Cissy, showing the size difference in the dolls. Here Coco is wearing her long fall with the "no bangs look".

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