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My Sybarite Dolls by Superdoll of London

The Sybarite dolls by Superdoll of London are very unique, resin, ball jointed dolls. At first I could not warm up to these dolls as I thought the hip joints were ugly and the faces not attractive, but the more photos I looked at, the more curious I was, so I purchased my first one, Sloan in August 2007 for my birthday. Sloan is limited to 134 dolls. When she arrived, I just loved her! The resin was excellent quality, the airbrushed painted faces were beautifully done and the doll had such a unique high fashion look, I was very pleased. The dolls are 16" tall and strung with elastic with 17 points of articulation. They have glued on wigs, which can be removed carefully, if you like. Superdoll sells wigs separately, so it is fun to try different wigs on these dolls for a lot of different looks. The clothing and shoes are very well made, like miniature versions of real people's clothes!.

My second Sybarite is Blade a special event doll from the Jeffrey store in New York. I purchased her on September 25, 2007. She was limited to 150 dolls and comes as a giftset with a fabulous cocktail dress made of hand sewn miniature razorblades, a white satin pantsuit and a white lingerie romper with matching shoes and accessories. Although these dolls are quite expensive, they are rather addicting, so number three joined the group in April 2008, Parsley! A fourth Sybarite joined my collection in December 2008, Raja, a new tan skintone beauty exclusive to Haute Doll magazine. The new second edition of Inque was released in the fall of 2009. She has a darker skintone and a more ethnic look. In March 2010 I added another Sybarite to my collection..the fabulous Tock from the Paris Fashion Doll Festival. She is limited to 100. A new series of dolls exclusive to Marl & B store is called Hell's Bells. The first is the gorgeous and unique Toxica with beautiful tattoos! She arrived in April 2011. In May 2011 a new edition of Fugu was released called Doku. She is part of the Colorvision collection and these dolls have wild multicolored eyemakeup. The second doll in the Hell's Bells series Gothica arrived in September 2011 and I added Ivory to my collection in November 2011 before she had a chance to sell out. I still like the old style bodies on these dolls. The new style body (much more poseable) began with Toxica, was changed slightly in the elbow joints for the Colorvision dolls and Gothica and now all dolls have this newer body.

In 2012 I added more new dolls. I just can't get enough of these top quality dolls! Domina arrived in June 2012. Dionysis and the Champ Paq accessory set was released in August 2012 and Sybarite Macrame was the special Halloween doll for 2012. The Abbe Lane doll also appeared in quantities of 50 of each face style. I ordered the one with the open mouth sculpt.

In January 2013 I finally decided to add the 3rd Hell's Bell to my collection to complete the set of three dolls with the tattooed bodies. In 2013 I added some new Sybarites, the Valentine doll, Sinatra, one of the Monoglam series Lawn the Fugu sculpt in a new skintone with lovely green hair and the Halloween doll, Cirque

In 2014 I added the Talc basic doll, Enclosure Royale outfit, a set of the whipped wigs and the holiday gown Bitter Pill.

In February 2015, Superdoll issued their first vinyl Sybarite, Solitaire. She is a beauty, very poseable and top quality as usual. She has a heavy feel, like resin. My 2nd vinyl doll arrived in August 2015, Peonie, from the Rebel Princess collection in summer of 2015.

The 2015 Halloween doll, Guillotine, arrived on 11/5/15. She is stunning. The 2015 Christmas dolls, Valkyre and Forest will arrive soon. The 2016 Valentine doll, Chinchilla is stunning. 2016 brought Bethnal from the Bow Belles collection, Tu and Verdian from the Kinky Asian collection, a new Halloween doll, Monarch and a Christmas doll, Noble. 2017 brought a Valentine doll, Erosia with a wonderful bow and arrow set. Vectoria the Halloween doll is exquisite with 8 swords for her hair and Christmas brings Kumala, a new Inque sculpt in the dark skintone, a gorgeous warrior woman. In 2018 I added resin 2016 convention doll Annunaq. I love her look and found her at a great price. Cleo also joined my collection of Egyptian themed dolls.

Annunaq wears Speed, which I think was made for her
Annunaq in her original outfit (which now is worn by Raja)
2017 Christmas doll Kumala wearing blonde "whipped" wig and customized fingernails The 2017 Halloween doll, Vectoria redressed in Blade's razerblade gown Sybarite Monarch, the 2016 Halloween doll.

Three Superdoll Sybarite Valentine dolls, Sinatra from 2013, Chinchilla from 2016 and Erosia from 2017.

Erosia the 2017 Valentine Doll.

I love to mix and match. Here is Tu from the 2016 Kinky collection wearing a bra I made, her own undies and shoes and Nobles fur, Solitaire, the first vinyl Sybarite on the left wearing Tu's outfit with Syb Tattoo boots, and Noble from the Swan Coronet collection in 2016 wearing her lion belt over her shoulder.

The last of the 2015 Superdoll Christmas dolls, Forest. She is a vision in white sequins and beads with matching silver sequin and glitter boots.

Forest redressed in Superdoll Blade's white satin suit.

One of the three 2015 Christmas dolls, Valkrye. She is dressed in a black sequin bodysuit and makes a gorgeous pair with Guilletine

The 2015 Halloween doll, Guillotine. She is gorgeous. Dramatic face paint...beautiful wig.

My three favorite "dark ladies" Guillotine, Domina and Gothica

Solitaire in an American print kimono made by me to go with the Superdoll Marigold accessory pack with umbrella, shoes and obi.

Peonie in her original wig and jacket.

Peonie in the holiday gown Dreamscape.

Peonie in a blonde wig by Jamie Show.

Solitaire in her original wig and black suit.

Solitaire rewigged in a Monique wig and swimsuit made by me

Solitaire in a red wig in Superdoll separates from Champ Paq accessories.

Raja wears the red whipped wig and the Tribe outfit

The Enclosure Royale outfit modeled by Cirque

Dionysis wears the 2014 Holiday gown Bitter Pill.

The new Superdoll sweater set Knitorious is great. They color coordinate with the baseball caps and the superdoll jeans. Here Sloan wears the purple sweater

Macrame wears the pink sweater with baseball cap and red jeans

Neurotica in the black sweater

Just released November 2013, the Superdoll baseball caps! Beautifully made and so cute and they mix and match with the original Sybarite jeans and the Champ Paq shorts

The 2013 Halloween doll Cirque

Cirque in her gorgeous lingerie

Superdoll outfit Flutterby released in fall 2013 from the Monoglam collection.

Sybarite Lawn from the Monoglam series released fall 2013. I combed out her braids to show her long green hair.

Lawn redressed Asian style in Superdoll Marigold accessories. I restyled her hair

Sybarite Sinatra arrived in February 2013. She was the Valentine doll. Gorgeous short burgundy spiked hair and dressed all in gold.

I made a ponytail for her from doll hair and pinned it to her head for a new look.

The Sybarite Bugged dress set. This set includes all three dresses in a cute bug print, with coordinating purses, shoes and stockings. Modeled by Abbe Lane, Sloan and Macrame.

The 2012 Halloween special Macrame. She arrives in a short fringed dress, high heel black boots with silver toes, silver rhinestone jewelry and that gorgeous long blonde hair with black tips. Macrame has the Voltaire face sculpt and light tan skintone.

Macrame redressed in Champ Paq shorts, Blade white bustier.

Macrame wears the blouse from Orb, hat from Sloan's outfit and Parsley's leather skirt

Macrame wearing Blade's white satin suit

Macrame redressed in Sybarite red jeans, Sweater and shoes from Meeow outfit and the red masque that comes with Macrame

Domina is an incredible doll. I love the police hat and her stretch bodysuit. I added the gun. Domina is the Venus clone sculpt on the Generation 2 body. All the newer dolls after Toxica have this body, with smoother joints at the hips, double joints at the elbows and knees and a higher instep in the foot.

Abbe Lane represents the famous singer/dancer from the 1950's. She arrived in her leopard swimsuit oufit. I have the open mouth version. Abbe Lane has a unique body. She has the new style smooth hip joint, but does not have the double jointed knees or elbows. Her knees and elbows are like the older dolls.

I added the Sybarite sunglasses

I took her hair down and prefer it this way

Abbe wears Blade's razor gown

Abbe wears the Sybarite blue jeans with her leopard bodysuit and the sweater from the Meeow outfit

Dionysis arrives with flocked hair.

Doku in the pink Champ Paq wig, Toxica in the yellow Champ Paq wig and Dionysis in the Kick wig. Dolls wear the cute little shorts and sequin tops that come in the Champ Paq accessory set. Also included were another pair of shoes in green/blue, shorts in pink, black and purple, a bottle of champagne, victory wreath, elbow length fuschia gloves and 4 pairs of interchangable Sybarite hands with fingers in various positions.

Dionysis in the Kick wig with Syb Marigold accessory obi and one of the gripping hands from the Champ Paq set. Now she can hold her umbrella

Hell's Belle Neurotica is the third in this series, exclusive to Marl & B doll shop in the USA. Gorgeous tattoos and exquisite blue eyes. I can't decide which of the three is the most beautiful.

Neurotica with a black wig (I just covered her blonde hair with a larger size wig as I did not want to remove this doll's wig.

The first two in the Hell's Bells series Gothica and Toxica

Hell's Bells Gothica is my choice for most beautiful Sybarite. Her tattoos are exquisite and that face is stunning.

This photo shows how poseable the new Sybarite bodies are. Gothica can kneel all the way back on her legs and balance very well.

Toxica as she arrives in her original outfit.

Toxica in a red Joe Tai wig in her original outfit that also comes with a fur shrug

Toxica close up showing off her tattoos

Toxica wears a blue Joe Tai wig and the Sybarite outfit Meeow which was released in Jan 2011.

Fantastic Tock from the 2010 Paris Fashion Doll Festival! I'm so lucky to have been able to buy one of these gorgeous dolls as I love her blue hair and the gold clockwork outfit.

A closeup of Tock's lovely face and wig. she is one of the first Sybarites to wear earrings.

Tock's shoes open up on the soles like a tiny compact and inside is a tiny powder puff!

Tock looks great in the Sybarite tattoo print. I made the outfit from print on silk fabric to match the Sybarite tattoo boots

Sybarite Fugu Doku an oriental beauty released in May 2011.

The lovely Sybarite Doku wearing Superdoll accessory called Marigold. This is a Japanese OBI with yellow flower, Japanese shoes and socks, umbrella with cover and red metal hair comb.

I made the modern fur trimmed kimono

The lovely Sybarite Ivory. I changed her slightly by flocking her bald head. She arrived with a scarf and small blonde hairpiece. I wanted to try a bit of pink flocking for a new look. I also made her lips a bit pinker. Ivory is a unique clone facial sculpt.

Ivory in her original outfit with a mohair wig

A Sybarite outfit released in June 2011 called Burning Cookies. It includes a green leopard print bodysuit, slacks, belt, shoes, apron with metal mask, hairnet, blue socks and two burnt cupcakes.

Doku wears the lovely Picnic Magnet outfit released in June 2011.


Sybarite outfits Love and Testament

The new Inque in her original outfit, a gorgeous African queen

Inque wears the Sybarite Tribe outfit


Inque in Joe Tai vanilla wig and Orb outfit>

Inque in a OOAK Laurie Lenz wig called Fantasie de Flambe and an outfit made by me>

Raja, released in December 2008, an exotic far eastern beauty as she arrives in her red wig and green lingerie

Raja wears Sybarite Bzzz outfit. Purple is her color! Monique purple Ginger wig

Sybarite Toxica wears the Superdoll green jeans and the Hesiglam accessory set consisting of the platform shoes and matching bag

Raja in Joe Tai yellow wig and Parsley's outfit.

Sloan wears the Knife accessory set which includes plaid high heels and plaid purse.

Raja wears the Superdoll Demi Couture outfit called Orb released in December 2008. This is a gorgeous outfit with plenty of mix and match possibilities. It comes with the peach silk blouse, strapless beaded dress, peach stockings, ruffled stole, beige rhinestone heels, peach silk hat, umbrella and fantastic white plastic gas mask embedded with rhinestones! There is also a paper money folded hat included, but I didn't like it with this outfit.

Parsley wears the strange but so cool gas mask included with the Orb outfit.

Sybarite Parsley was released in April 2008. She is one of the Fashion Victims series and has a fantastic look with her pink/white mohawk braided wig, leather skirt and sheer embroidered blouse.

Blade as she arrives in her gift box with drawer.

Blade models her fantastic razorblade dress. This is a tiny work of art with hundreds (maybe thousands) of tiny razorblades sewn on to a satin lining with net and rhinestones at the top. A matching sparkling purse is included.

Blade in her white satin suit with red striped tie and matching shoes and purse.

Blade and Sloan together

Sloan as she arrives in her satin box.

I love Sloan's gold leather bustier and pink leather belt with rhinestone skulls

I made this outfit by printing my own fabric, scanning in the tatoo boot print for my leather trimmed jacket

Sloan wears the Kick outfit from the Classic 8 Sybarite collection.

My Sybarite group wearing the Superdoll jeans that came in a package of 6 different colored pairs with an additional pair in white.

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