Bikini & Flamingo Garden RR
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The Bikini & Flamingo Railroad

In 1990 I discovered the hobby of garden railroading, running large scale model trains outside in a garden setting. I picked up a copy of Garden Railways magazine in a bookstore and was fascinated by the colorful trains, their large size and combining two hobbies, model railroading and gardening. Large scale model railroading is 1/2 inch scale or 1/24 scale. Some manufacturers make their trains in 1/29 or 1/32 scale but they all run on the same size track. The trains are weatherproof and can run outdoors with no problem. The track is brass and plastic and also can stay permanently outdoors. I can run my trains year around, even in the snow. These are electric trains running on DC transformers just like indoor model railroads. I started with a small layout and expanded yearly until the current size of about 500 feet of track in a 40 foot by 60 foot area of my backyard. I have 15 engines in various colors and sizes, some custom painted pink by me. I also collect pink railroad cars and custom paint them in shades of pinks and pastels to reflect the theme of the RR.

Clik on the following links to see photos of the railroad underconstruction, fully planted and how it looks today. Plenty of photos of the landscaping and all the engines and rolling stock running on my railroad.

The railroad as it began

Custom painted PINK engines and cars on the railroad

The railroad in Spring 2010

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